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万博man体育太阳光直接的Starke solar installersare certified and licensed with over 30 years of experience and is a top rated solar power company. Established in 1986, Solar Direct has completed thousands of residential and commercial solar installations worldwide ranging from US Embassies, high schools, community centers, medical facilities, hotels, factories, agriculture, aquatic centers, and more. Since 1986, we have displayed a commitment to providing clean, sustainable energy for homeowners and businesses in the state of Florida.Call us today at352-268-9634.

The Basics

Getting Started With Solar


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Your Solar, Your Way


There are the three primary types of solar systems:

Grid Tied Solar System

Grid-Tied Solar System


Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup


太阳能电池板的安装和产生的能量用于给家庭或企业。When no energy is generated, you get power from your battery first, then if necessary, from the grid. Once your battery is full, you still send energy back to the grid and you get a credit.


太阳能电池板的安装和产生的能量用于给家庭或企业。When no energy is generated, you get power from your battery. You are not tied to the grid and have complete energy independence.

Paying For Solar


Available to Homeowners Through 2021

Federal Tax Credit

虽然2019是去年的整整30%的税收抵免是可用的,在业主和企业Starkecan still receive a 26% credit in 2020 and 22% in 2021. Beginning in 2022, homeowners will no longer receive a tax credit, but commercial units inStarkewill permanently receive a 10% credit thereafter. Keep in mind that a tax credit works differently than a tax deduction. A credit means you’ll be directly refunded on your taxes for the qualified amount. For example, if you pay $15,000 for a 6kW solar system in 2020, you’ll be credited $3,900 on your 2020 tax returns, bringing the cost of your unit down to $11,100.

ITC Solar Tax Credit
Solar Financing


$0 Down Financing Options

In addition to paying cash, there are several financing options for solar inStarke. The most popular options are home improvement loans or home equity loans. Many of these are available for little to no money down and still allow you to take advantage of the federal tax credit. And, unlike other home improvements, not only is the solar purchase itself tax exempt, the value added to your home is also exempt from any increase in property taxes inStarke.

Invest Smart

Increase Your Home's Value

太阳能电池板安装提供Starkeresidents and business owners with a relatively quick ROI by immediately reducing or eliminating your electric bill and adding tax-exempt value to your home or property. This is true even if you have a loan, as your monthly loan payment is typically less than your monthly electric bill. On average, the value added to your home is approximately 4.1%, according to a Zillow analysis conducted in 2019.


Source: EnergySage


Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

多少钱,你可以保存在太阳Starke? Typically your solar system will generate more power than you need. With a grid-tied solar system, whatever power isn’t used by you is sent back to the grid. You receive a “credit” from your utility company for providing them with power, essentially causing your meter – and your power bill – to run backwards, in a process known as “net metering.” This makes it possible to save money on your electric bill with solar or even to entirely eliminate it; and, as an added bonus, if you send out more power than you use, at the end of the year, residents ofStarke接收差的支票!

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